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Comprehending Human Nature


The facts of human anatomy and physiology that show clearly that human natural diet is vegetarian one hardly correspond with the present reality of vegetarianism.

At present there are several types of lifestyles called vegetarian but neither of them can be acknowledged as both natural and truly vegetarian at once. According to the Definitions of the International Vegetarian Union, the following types are to be mentioned:

They consume dairy. Cow milk is the perfect nourishment for a calf but how are we related to it? By the way, traditional post-Buddhist vegetarianism in India, the country of holy cows, belongs just to this type.
These eat eggs. Did you ever see eggs growing on a tree? Fruits of so-called egg-plant only resemble eggs.
Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian
They do not refuse both eggs and dairy. And this group farer from vegetarian ideal than those above is most numerous! By the way, this type of diet does way not protect the adherents from problem of cholesterol, eggs and milk is rich in it so far.
The word semi means 'half', but do not think these eat halves of fruits. These people daring call themselves with the honorable name vegetarian live on animal flesh. They emphasize that only a bit. But how one can be a murderer only a bit? And how can one be semi-honest?
Their pesce is 'fish', much better than before. At least, fishes keep silence and don't bleed being killed.
After so many various animal-eaters ranked among vegetarians (predatorily occupied the word vegetarian, if you will), people who really reject any animal food had to invent new name for their lifestyle — vegan. However, this people need to consume some artificially fortified and enriched products because their way of eating does not supply them with all the necessary nutrients such as vitamin B12. In other words, this lifestyle is not fully natural. And since we acknowledge vegetarianism to be the only human natural diet, we cannot accept vegan diet as that.
Vegan Pyramid
Notice the jar of vitamin B12 in the top
They are most close to the true human diet as they consume only fruits, and so avoid killing plants. However, they need to consume artificial supplements, like vegans. Besides, they make two essential mistakes. Firstly they reject root-crops, although these can be taken after the plant has died, and, secondly, they mistakenly reject yeast.

So we see that there is hardly one natural vegetarian in true sense of the word among millions.

The cause of this consists in the difficulty of being vegetarian. Several days of really vegetarian diet will surely wake up a predator within you.

So, for instance, some famous people who had declared to be vegetarian, appeared later to be not vegetarian — despite reports. They failed in adherence to vegetarianism, although they wished to be numbered among this honorable group. However, we see now that people who do belong to vegetarians are also not so as matter of fact.

These facts display vividly the difficulty and even impossibility of being true natural vegetarian in the present culture of eating. That means that something in wrong in present vegetarian diets.

The Buddha himself is mentioned in that list. He did not realize physiological significance of vegetarian diet, but he cared only moral purity.

However, all those people even didn't know that genuine vegetarianism that involves consumption of ripe fruits. And that's why they failed.