Anatomy Of Female Psyche
Illustrated hypertext article on the physical basis of female psychology


Evelyn De Morgan
Boreas and OreithyiaIt's clear that men and women are created for each other by the nature, and therefore mutual understanding between them must be absolute despite the innate gender differences found by scientists. Moreover, sexual love, the highest of human feelings is supposed to appear between a man and a woman.

On the contrary, both men and women need to learn what is opposite sex' way of thinking, and how to treat "them". This fact itself presents a real enigma.

But just since the gender relations ought to be free and easy, we tend to regard any troubles in them as casual and immaterial. There is no sufficient visible cause for fundamental problems in this field.

However, we merely do not know the truth, and so we can see the lies we live in. Namely we do not know true women, and, so we can't see that all the women around us are ill.

The signs of regular women's illness can be easily seen through simple visual comparison with really healthy women. Fortunately, many precious images of such women have been saved, carved in stone. So let's compare

The Stone Carvings And Stony-Hearted Women

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