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Comprehending Human Nature


Consumption of ripe fruits matters very much for human physiology, and just these fruits are what we lack to reject any animal food completely and to reach vegetarianism in true sense of the — the only natural way of eating of humans.

The difference between ripe and unripe fruits is determined by the good micro-flora and their invisible work (fermentation).

The results of this work by those minutest creatures are just what we lack to reject any animal food completely! The matter is that these micro-flora produce vitamin B12 — the main essential nutrient missing in usual plant food!

Vegetarians have currently to take in artificial vitamin B12 obtained by means of industrial fermentation. However, there is no need to purchase any supplement for people who have decided to refuse any animal food. Vegetarian diet provides all the necessary nutrients as free attachment. You need only to know how to get it (see further). Besides, natural foods contain multiple beneficial substances which chemists either ignore or destroy while manipulating. That's why purchasing artificial supplements seem me like installing electronic screens instead of windows in one's rooms. This benefits only the sellers.

So, now let's break down the screens!

At present people usually consume fruits taken immature for the purpose of shipping and storage. However, it is absolutely easy to get ripe fruit or fermented fruit beverages — their substitutes in present conditions. You need only

to leave purchase fruits in a warm place for several days to let them ripen
or to crush/cut/pulp fruits and then to let the mass stay several hours
to extract their juice and then to let it stay also several hours
or to make divine-tasting fermented beverages with mere cut fruits, plus cold water, sugar and a couple of days in the same warm place. But don't put together different kinds of fruits.

Mug of beer Also see on-line recipes of 
domestic beers — traditional fermented beverage
kvass — traditional fermented beverage of Russia and other East European countries
Kombucha tea  — fermented beverage based on black tea.

Don't confuse domestic beer with that canned or bottled purchase beverage! The latter is intended to take as an alcoholic drink and contains appropriate amount of alcohol. Moreover, they add bitter plant substances to it in order to inhibit those good microorganism, which just are responsible for the benefits of beer, and which sour it quickly enough, on the other hand.

By the way, just such bitter substances block fermentation in unripe fruit (remember bitter taste typifying unripe fruits) until the seed become ripe. The bitter taste of these substances is intended to signal that a fruit is not ready yet.

There is no need to consume only fermented plant food and only over-ripe fruits. It can compose only a little part of your board.

Everybody knows how nice are ripe fruits, and now we see that is not casual. These are our natural food, which is in full accordance with basics of humaneness implying not injuring any living creature.

Also it should be borne in mind that fallen fruits must naturally be slightly baked at the tropical sun of human biological homeland. The baking destroys phytates and oxalates, which bind calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc and hinder absorption of these essential minerals from intestine. This presents one more usual problem of modern vegetarianism usually solved with purchase supplements. But we see it also has its simple, exactly natural and free of charge solution! That's why baked food taste nicer and, and we should merely follow our natural preferences.

Adhering to my method I have two years long experience of almost absolute vegetarianism with rare and immaterial exceptions of purchase cakes that might contain eggs and milk.

I even do not care of proteins in my board, although my lifestyle is way not 'vegetative'. If you tell me that plant proteins do not supply amino acids in proper proportion, so I ask you who can know what proportion is proper. Current dietary standard is based on the assumption that the egg protein in that 'ideal' one. And who can state definitively that this assumption is right?

My transition to vegetarian lifestyle took only one step instead of several steps offered by various experts, and only that couple of days instead of 2 month or even 2 years which how to become a fruitarian takes.

So, people fail in adherence to real natural vegetarianism merely because they do not even try to become true vegetarian. The latter suggests eating only ripe fruits come off the mother plants. Nothing else but only ripe fruits are purposed to be food as consuming ripe fruits, we don't harm plants but help them to spreading and to survive, in this way. Proper vegetarianism means not only to avoid killing plants which fruitarians adhere to, but also to avoid any injuring them and to take only ripe fallen fruits. 

On the other hand, some fruitarians wrongly reject yeast a living substance. They think they would kill these microorganisms if they consume yeast. However, that's wrong as human intestine is one of three natural homes of the microorganisms living in ripe fruits and composing yeast. The other two homes  are fruits and rhizosphere soil right around root of a plant. All the three homes together should form closed circle, along which the microbes should travel constantly from one to the following:

And everywhere these microbes perform work beneficial for the mate microorganisms (plants and human being).

Remember so popular yogurts! Their benefits are just due to the similar microorganisms, however, yogurts are animal food, and consuming them we keep disobeying the basics of humaneness, which does not stay unpunished. However, we can easily escape this and enjoy the effects of such microorganisms with exceptionally plant food. 

In particular, just products of the activity of such microbes makes possible genuine natural vegetarianism.

It very significant that herbivorous animals are vegetarian due to microbial fermentation too. In case of ruminants such fermentation takes place in first intestine (rumen) owing to cud-chewing.



Since we humans have no rumen, we have to consume pre-fermented plant food.

Transition to this true vegetarian lifestyle takes only one step instead of several steps offered by various experts, and only a couple of days instead of 2 month or even 2 years which how to become a fruitarian takes

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