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The prime natural purpose of female sex consists in bearing, nursing and reairng babies. This endows every women's body with the charm unaccessible for men. Wielding the power of life-giving, Women are much closer to the NAture.

However, that does not go on its own. Women must also aspire to the naure and obey its laws, but not only use its power as mere costeomers. This site is just devoted to what laws of the nature are violated in present thegnological life.

The connection beteen women and the NAture is not only symbolic but quite material. In the Nature occur thousands plants containing substances acting like estrogens, the hormones that are responsible for the development of female secondary sex characteristics. Ther are also fex plant that contain substances just identical to estrogen. The most common among those plants are:

  1. coconut,
  2. licorice,
  3. pomegranate,

The mirculuous properties of the plant are well know and used in various formulas as well as in foods and drinks.

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Natural Remedies

A palm inthe moonlight
Sir Edward Poynter 
At Low Tide
Sir Edward Poynter
At Low Tide
However, the scientists who develop such formulas forget to consider an important factor. Namely they forget that both the vegetation and female nature submit the lunar rhythms. The gravitation of the Moon lifts the sap in stems of plants like tide. And like the height of tides, the power of sap-lifting changes monthly. Similar changes take place in women.

Tides of estrogen during a menstrual cycle

The quantility of plant estrogens changes so that at full moon it is much higher that at new moon. Therefore consumption of those plants ought to be significantly decreased at new moon. Otherwise, the amount of the acting substances normal in the days of fool moon will be superflouse at new moon. Excessive amount of anything is harmful.

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    All those take place because female health is devoid of its natural support (estrogens), which would return women into the true norm, and allow them to enjoy themselves.

    Luis Ricardo Falero
The Butterfly Luis Ricardo Falero
Fairy Lily In a wonderful way, plant substances acting on female reproductive system, including ones that act like estrogens, female sex hormones, and are called phytoestrogens for this reason occur in the Nature. These plant substances, in particular, can cause natural convertible infertility of women that ought to be the really normal state of female physiology. Among plant those substances there are few ones having steroid structure, and identical to female sex hormones estrone, estriol and estradiol.

    There are also plant substances chemically different from female sex hormones but acting like them although thousands times weaker. The latter substances seem me to be of little value for human females as those lack just proper estrogens. On the contrary, these substances attract much bigger commercial interest because they are found not in commonly consumed cultural food plants, and so one could make money on them. The soy presents an outstanding exception; however, this plant has large associations of growers.

    William Henry Margetson
Tending the Flowers Daniel Ridgeway Knight
Arranging Flowers At that, note that there is known no plant substance to term phyto-androgen or phyto-testosterone (one acting like male sexual hormones). There only a couple of herbs able to stimulate production of testosterone (ginseng) or inhibit its conversion (licorice), but both the herbs are rich in phytoestrogens! Thus women appear to be subject to plants and that's why some unclear connection between women and plants is noted in both every-day life and mythology.

    Floor mosaic
    Apollo losing Daphne who is changing to laurel tree

    Heliades mouring over Phaethon's tomb
    Heliades mourning over Phaethon's tomb
    Yakshi touching
tree with her foot
Mathura art In particular, Yakshi's were believed to be able to make trees blossom with simple touches of their feet.

    In Greek mythology, some group female deities such as Heliades, Hesperides, Dryads, Meliads a. o. are firmly associated with frees.

    Also the legend of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon seems me very noteworthy in this regard as it portrays a very beautiful woman (Amytis) missing the vegetation of her native country very much.

    So, a quite physical natural cause underlies this cultural phenomenon.

    Here is a list of the few plants containing substances just identical to female sex hormones. According to varied sources this group of plants includes

    • Palms
      • coconuts (Cocos nucifera),
      • dates (Phoenix spp),
      • African oil palm fruits (Elaeis guineensis),
    • Legumes
      • French beans (Phaseolus vulgaris),
      • licorice roots (Glycyrrhiza glabra),
    • Fruit trees
      • pomegranate seeds (Punica granatum),
      • apple seeds (Malus sylvesris),
    • Other plants
      • willow flowers (Salix caprea),
      • hops (Humulus lupulus),
    to women surely owing to phytoestrogens this fruit is rich in! The Bounty chocolate, Raffaello candies and Bacardi and Martini rums can be mentioned in this connection
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Romantic couple (mithuna)
cave temple at Karli Romantic couple (mithuna)
cave temple at Karli


Luis Ricardo Falero
The Moon Nymph Maxfield Parrish


Evelyn De Morgan
A captive of the Moon
Edward Robert Hughes 
Weary Moon

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