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Part 1. Natural Convertible Infertility of Women

The state of convertible infertility of women that should be recognized as the norm because the current pointless state of permanent fertility causes very many health problems in women and deterimines women's malignance.

Further, all things considered natural convertible infertility of women ought to be quite necessary for survival in the biological homeland of humanity.

However, that physiological state female reproductive system still stays hypothetic, although we can find some noteworthy evidences of its existence in the past.

Romantic couple (mithuna)
Temple sculpture from Aihole So, proper ascetism of theBuddhist beauties ought to imply their convertible natural infertility. Otherwise, they would have multiple children, but ascetism at multiples had better be called poverty.

Queen Maya dreamiing white elephant entering her womb Some common Old Indian beliefs confirm this assumption. So, Ancient Indian male ascetics were attributed to with capability of retention their semen by means of their yoga power. Also even living mixed ascetics were believed to be celibate. In this way common Indians tried to explain little fruitfulness of ascetic families.

Finally, the well-know Indian belief in transmigrations of souls was apparently based on observations of exactly adequate replacement of dead people with newborns in ascetic communities.

Furthermore, the worldwide folklore motif of immaculate conception appeared apparently in conditions when people did not see connection between sexual life and childbirths, and therefore they could assume that a female could conceive without a man's assistance.

Leonardo da Vinci

There are also some remarkable indications of convertible infertility of the Amazons. So, mythological Amazons were believed to be celibate and even to be a nation of females only. Most probably, they did not become pregnant continually unlike usual women of that prehistoric time. And the neighbor peoples were unable to imagine any explanation of this phenomenon except that Amazonian women did not sleep with men continually and only mated with these for preservation of their race.

Furthermore, Greek warrior goddesses Athena and Artemis were thought to be virgin for the same reason, most probably.

Artemis and Apollo
killing Niobe's children
Greek vase Birth of Athena
with shield and helmet
Greek vase Ancient Greeks even believed Athena to be born fully armed from Zeus' head instead of maternal womb. I suppose this belief stemmed from observation that women warriors didn't become pregnant and hence themselves could not be born by their mothers.

According to the myths Artemis together with her brother Apollo punished mortal women Niobe who was mother of six sons and six daughters and who boasted of her fruitfulness, saying that Leto had only two children. Apollo and Artemis ó Leto's children, angry at this insult to their mother, killed all Niobe's children.

The probable natural infertility of the past women apparently results from the plants containing female sex hormones. These substances are called phytoestrogens or plant estrogens and are known to be nature's contraceptives. It's a kind of defense of plants against animals, like poisons, thorns and so on. But it is very subtle defense. In particular, the level of phytoestrogens in plants has been shown to be subject to yearly rainfall that is very important for the growth of plants.

According to the Nature's Hormone Factory article by Jonathan Tolman (page 4) years of good rainfall... legumes are relatively low in phytoestrogens. However, in drought years the levels of phytoestrogens are increased... There appears to be a self-regulating mechanism whereby the increase in [farm animals] is kept low when food availability is limited.

In this way, plants regulate population of animals living on them and allow bigger birthrate in years of good rainfalls.

Herbert James Draper
A Water Baby In regard to this fact it is very interesting that in mythology childbirth of great people is frequently linked with rain and water in general.

Ancient statue
Zeus throwing his
Giuseppe Cesari
The Rape of EuropaAlso the Greek thunder god Zeus who gathers clouds and sends rain according to Iliad, was believed to be the divine father of many other gods and mortal heroes as well. His was often called father Zeus and father of gods and men (see Iliad). So, besides his consort Hera who bore him Ares and Hebe, Zeus coupled divine females Themis, Eurynome, Demeter, Mnemosyne, Leto, and Maia, plus
numerous mortal ones. The most famous among those are DanaŽ, Leda, Semele, Thetis, Io, and Europa.

Ernest Lee Major
Shower Of Gold: DanaeCorreggio
Leda and the swan In particular, Leda queen of Sparta conceived beautiful Helen from Zeus changed into a swan, aquatic bird. The famous hero Perseus was conceives by Argive princess DanaŽ from a shower of golden rain, into which Zeus had converted.

Paul Delaroche 
Miriam and Moses The same natural basis is seen also in the myth of finding of infant Moses in the bulrush basket daubed with bitumen among the reeds at the Nile river's brink. His aquatic origin was fixed even in his name. He was named Moses. The maiden of pharaon's daughter who had found him, for she said, named him Moses "Because I drew him out of the water." (Exodus 2:1-10).

The myth of Moses has a distinct and earlier analogue in ancient Mesopotamian literature. So, Sargon, he mighty king, king of Agade boasted his origin in the following words:

My... mother conceived me, in secret she bore me.
She set me in a basket of rushes, with bitumen she sealed
My lid. She cast me into the river which rose not [over] me,
The river bore me up and carried me to Akki, the drawer of water.

In general, this motif is very rife in the world mythology.

Stork standing by a pool Besides, remember the common belief in the storks bearing babies. Probably this belief originates in ancient observations of numerous conceptions in year when storks come to an area because of rich water. Also the folklore motif of message of future baby brought by a frog represented in the tale of Little Briar-Rose by brothers Grimm should be added here.

So, we can rate those mythological facts as another kind of indication of the natural female infertility resulting from use of phytoestrogens in the past. Those facts also show how the natural infertility ought to convert into fertility. But now women are put into he state of permanent fertility that makes them so demanding and harmful as a result. In other words, phytoestrogens are just

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