Pygmalion Project

Comprehending Human Nature

(The biological homeland of human race)

Proportions of human body
Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci Modern science tends to reckon human being as an imperfect biological construction, yet endowed with the power of reasoning. Our species are believed to be underdone in the oven of the evolution, to be a dangerous joke of the Nature, the Nature's crazy children although endowed with intellect.

The obvious advantages of the intellect as well as multiple medical and moral problems of human kind are explained with the stream of strong mutations.

All these notions are absolutely absurd. Human being is beautiful in its nature, and if someone believes in the other, so it is his/her individual problem(s).

Expusion from Eden
St Petronio Cathedral
Bologna, ItalyI'm convinced that our physical and moral problems are due to not living in proper environment, where our species have formed and where we would feel comfortable without any artificial device. Our intellect allows us to resist the available hostile environment, but all the same we miss our natural homeland. Besides, the wrong lifestyle causes female hormonal disturbance and the sexual mis-selection

Scientists like to use the magic word mutations as an universal clue to any problem of human nature. But this word means only the occasional properties that either help the adaptation to the environment and, accordingly, stay, or hinder and, accordingly, disappear. Our properties help us to resist the surrounding nature and change it, but not to integrate into it. So the mutations that had to form our species would be immediately rejected by the natural selection in ordinary natural conditions.

Lions in South Africa In particular, life of hunters-gathers in African savanna could not form our species as modern science believes. We would feel uncomfortable there without artificial things. Just imagine: heat, thirst, the lack of suitable food, insects, shakes, and finally the wild beasts that we are offered to hunt.

We cannot hunt without artificial devices which we cannot make instinctively. Conversely, we should be the easiest prey for the most of wild beasts. We can neither escape from them nor attack them without the weapon.

We have no hunting instincts. The most of us never dream of hunting. Seemingly, men take hunting and fishing as a possibility to spend weekends or vacations far away from their boring wives, and amusingly, hunter husband is one of the most common avatars of popular jokes about wives' loyalty.

Finally, after the continuous psychological tension from the various threats, the life in savanna (as well as in the most of other ordinary natural environments) do not foster human reflecting intellect that requires calm circumstance.

Our biological homeland ought to be a peaceful safe area isolated from the rest of the world. Existence of big beasts of prey would be impossible in such a place because they would quickly exterminate their own food. This signifies that we humans naturally must vegetarian.

Facts of human anatomy and physiology tell us the same: human has been designed to consume only plant food, and, more exactly, fruits of plants (these include proper fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, pulses etc.). See Plant Eaters Or Meat Eaters and The Comparative Anatomy of Eating web pages for detailed info.

You can also take into consideration the Biblical account of the origin of man and see that the Bible portrays the first people as vegetarian:

God said, "Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed, which is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree, which bears fruit yielding seed. It will be your food"

Genesis 1:29

Finally, take a look at the bottom of your heart and see that a simple thought of violence over a living creature disgusts you if you are not spoiled too much, of course. Most of people do consume results of such violence, but it is removed from general public in slaughterhouses. And it is significant that an exceptional fluctuation of labor typifies business. People are unable to see such a sight long time.

Inside a slaughterhouse Here is an extract from How to Win an Argument with a Meat Eater article published by Himalayan Academy:

People who come in contact with slaughterhouses cannot help but be affected by what they see and hear. Those living nearby must daily experience the screams of terror and anger of the animals led to slaughter. Those working inside must also see and participate in the crimes of mayhem and murder. Most who choose this line of work are not on the job for long. Of all occupations in the U.S., slaughterhouse worker has the highest turnover rate. It also has the highest rate of on-the-job injury.

I can confirm this information. According to an acquaintance of mine nobody wanted to be employed as slaughterer longer than 2 month at a slaughter-house near St Petersburg, Russia, although this job was paid as much as civil pilot.

However, at present there is no true vegetarianism among various lifestyles called vegetarian because people do not realize importance of ripe fruits.

SAVE ON LONG DISTANCE!!!! For the same cause of limited space of human biological homeland, the regulation of the reproduction as well as high human moral standards along with the human language (originally the tool of prevention of interpersonal conflicts) and the blessed sex were strictly required for the survival in such conditions. Unlimited reproduction as well as egoistic individuals would turn inevitably any paradise into a hell and, ultimately, lead the population to disappearance. On the other hand, regulated reproduction ought to secure glut of the supplies for the people.

In a wonderful way, regulation of reproduction ought to take place in the lost paradise owing to the effects of vegetarian diet on female reproductive system, which in particular cause natural female convertible infertility.

The paradise was lost and this put the beginning to the epoch of the mastering the Earth.