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Comprehending Human Nature

(Women's role in the history of humanity)

Regretfully, our far ancestors had lost the safe and comfortable biological homeland of human race and faced multiple perils from the wild beast, diseases, weather and so on as a result.

Prehistoric paintings

On the one hand, they had free immense spaces of rich in resources wild nature around themselves. Thus, intensive reproduction, and, accordingly, female permanent fertility was supplied and absolutely necessary for their survival.

Prehistoric sculptures of pregnant women
Venus of Willendorf
Germany Venus with a horn
Laussel, France Venus of Vestonice
Czechia Female figure
from Kostenki, Russia Mother-goddess
from Catal-Huyuk, Turkey

All things considered, there were several 'waves of emigration' from the paradise. Every time new groups of humans who had just left the original homeland of humanity, acquired and developed technical achievements of the precursors and exterminated the latter. After that human population reached its limits determined by the technically available natural resources and people had to regulate its growth somehow. And since, being put in conditions of the permanent fertility women desired pregnancy, so available contraceptive and abortive remedies could not solve the problem in the whole. Therefore regulation of population was rendered spontaneously by means of violence i.e. homicide. We can distinguish four main types of homicide in human society: military, criminal, legal, and, finally, ritual &3151; the regular intended intentional homicide.

Aztec human sacrifice
Drawing from a Spanish chronicle

Sculpture of a Neandertal boy 
from Teshik Tash cave
reconstructed from the skeleton Accordingly, women had got in condition of the hormonal disturbance and started the sexual mis-selection which led to the degeneration of human race. Owing to the gradual progress of the technology, the pressure of the wild environment became increasingly weak, and therefore the degree of the degeneration became increasingly low.

Steps of evolution As a result we have the illusion of progressive development of humanity. I'm convinced that the Neanderthals, Cinanthrops, Pithecanthropus's and other fossil forms of human as well as the apes present no stages of human evolution, but forms of the degeneration of true human who is accordingly much older than they all.

In the wild nature there is no force able to make human being from an ape. Conversely, there is at least one force able to perform the opposite metamorphosis. It is the female hormonal disturbance which compels women to conduct the sexual mis-selection.

Caricature of
Charles Darwin I suppose the common sense did not mislead Charles Darwin's opponents who refused his idea of our origin from apes.

Without doubt, human species are a result of the evolution, and apes along with Neanderthals and Co are our biological relatives. But all these could not be our ancestors. Conversely, all things considered they are results of degeneration of human being caused by sexual mis-selection. So, apes are much less intelligent, much more aggressive and emotional, and not very pretty. Also male apes are hypersexual and polygamous. Women's delight, in shorts words.

A chimpanzee
deep in thought Chimpanzee typingFirst introduced into Europe, apes were called "parodies of people", and up to this time the word 'ape" or "monkey" still stays one of the most offensive insult for a man.

There are some surprising features of apes which compel to think them to originate from humans. The most prominent features of this sort is apes' latent power of speech. Apes have been found to be able to acquire human sign language and to express with it astonishingly human-like thoughts. For the further information see following resources:

Statue of woman 
symbolizing Liberty
New York The pressure of the female disturbance was weaker in the historical periods when women could become pregnant many times owing to the mastering the new areas or technological revolutions. I see just such basis (but not only it) under the raise of human spirit in the New Time - the last of those periods and also in the prosperity of the USA — the last favorable territory populated by Europeans.

But a decline followed inevitably every heyday because of exhaustion of resources for population growth, i.e. for multiple pregnancies of a woman.

It is significant that the New Time was finished with two pan-European slaughters

Photo of World War I

and was followed by the invention of the hormonal contraception (Gregory Pincus and John Rock, 1956), and ensuing sexual revolution.

The contraceptive pill have ceased the post-war baby boom and prevented overpopulation in Western countries, and saved the lasting peace in Europe for many decades. But they do not extricate women from the female hormonal disturbance that results in the sexual mis-selection and ensuing slow degeneration. It must be just that what became of every great nation of the past.

 Egyptian pyramids in GizaRuins of the Parthenon, Athens

Now the whole planet has become 'a small isolated homeland' of humanity like the lost paradise. Female permanent fertility has fulfilled its saving purpose long ago. It has changed into a great peril now. The source of life has changed into its direct opposite — the source of moral evil undermining gradually the foundations of humankind and pushing it to the fatal abyss. Being physically placed into the cave age, women draw the rest of humanity there. Once this state of female physiology started, it cannot discontinue by itself. Therefore it is to break off through the returning female physiology to in truly normal state of convertible infertility.