Pygmalion Project

(The natural destination of sexuality)

Contrary to men's common sense, sex is usually believed to be sinful, immoral, base.

Punishment for a fornication
picture from a medieval book

Thatís right in so far as women are subjected to the permanent fertility, and, accordingly, natural sex leads necessarily to conception. However, in the opposite case, it would have a great positive biological significance, namely it would serve as just the guardian of morality and humaneness!

Yin ang Yang
Taoist symbol of the unity of 
male and female principlesEros and Psyche
Capitoline museum. Rome Really, mutual sexual desire would force a man and a woman to be together and in this way it would allow them to learn properly each other's general human qualities. The main of these qualities is the ability to coexist and to interact successfully with other individuals. Itís easy to see that this quality is the basis of the morality. And sexual love would be the perfect trial of this quality, and the perfect filter against bad mutations. If one of couple appears bad-natured the couple cannot exist any longer, and accordingly leave their posterity.

Such a filter was necessary for survival of human species in the biological homeland of human race.

Thus, sex would serve for purposes of sexual selection, instead of which currently the sexual mis-selection takes place as a result of the common female hormonal disturbance.

Mortar and pestle
A folklore symbol
of marriage Just sex is purposed by the nature to be the cement of family. It ought to force a couple to together but neither material dependence nor division of labor, as women like to think at present. Physiological facts on semen and health only confirm this state obvious for every man. By the way just this purpose justifies male permanent fertility.

Saying figuratively, sex should be a small joint business of a couple, in which the partners' characters are pre-tried before the great mission of the parenthood. But at present women take the sex as their own commerce, and this is often not only a metaphor.

At present women are put in the common female hormonal disturbance and therefore they cannot experience due sexual desire. And since both the sexes are designed by the nature for each other, so we men cannot feel OK in these conditions. Our physical health requires testosterone that suggests sexual desire. In short words, our 'OK' is under women's thumbs, or, more exactly, between their thighs.

The Lady Takes a Chance movie
vintage poster
Women's favorite positon
Women enjoy this fact, but they take it as their natural power and superiority over men, and use it in order to exploit men to satisfy their insane desires. Everything seems women reasonable: on the one hand men want sex kept by women, and on the other hand men seem women to be able to satisfy women's pathological and insatiable desires. Only something is wrong with men who forget their duties and think of sex only.

Thus, at present this high purpose of sexual love is blocked due to the disturbance.

At present both men and women have to "win" each other.

At present continual quarrels are thought to be a necessary part of family life.

At present a couple need to rest from each other from time to time.

At present men and women talk in court of law instead of bedroom.

At present men and women first become parents and then understand that they do not match.

At present men and women make the gender wars instead of love.

At present erotic is driven in underground and treated as something indecent, reprehensible and immoral whilst violence, cruelty, murders and other crimes are openly and widely shown as though normal and habitual 'facts of life'.

So it's no wonder that this loveless world slides gradually down to hell.

All those ills takes place because of the common female hormonal disturbance and female permanent fertility, which also cause women's malignance being the prime source of the moral evil in this world.

The positive solution to this problem is quite real and consists in restoration of the natural convertible female infertility.