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Anatomy Of Female Psyche

Part 3. Cinderella Waiting For Stork
(Female Permanent Fertility)

Everybody knows that since the first menstruation (menarche), every month in every female takes place complete and total preparation for the possible conception along with the ensuing pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, rearing and so on. This occurrence ought to reverse all her life and make her so responsible, but nothing happens most of months and all the preparations have to be destroyed and to start again.

Can you assume that these monthly preparations and frustrations stay indifferent for female organism and psyche, and that women take those easy?

Edward Robert Hughes 
Weary Moon Evelyn De Morgan
Luna The levels of the hormones and even the body temperature in women dance in time to the Moon! Every month women bleed as if some war is going on! And all these ills are reckoned as normal! And we expect mutual understanding with women!

Picture from an olden book It stands to reason that every time in a woman ought to appear physiological demand to conceive a new child, irrespective of whether there are appropriate condition and necessity or not. That would be the natural outcome of the process passing in her. The dissatified demand ought to cause certain physiological tension. And a menstruation is like a surgical solution to that tension.

Maxfield Parrish
Reveries Every woman realizes that the rest of womankind desires the same, and that the common satisfaction is impossible. Therefore competition and jealousy are often sensed in relations among women. Therefore every woman keeps her sweet dream — giving birth to a legion of children — in secret. However, some women have confessed me that, when young, they dreamed of having multiple children. It's also well-known that some women achieve that aim in part, and don't regret that.

Also female increased sensitiveness to criticism along with the want to feel faultless caused by their physiological state just impedes the detection and efficient managing the problem.

Reality of female physiological demand for pregnancy is objectively confirmed with the well known findings, which reveal that natural progesterone — the hormone of pregnancy — relieves symptoms of PMS and other female problems greatly. The external progesterone taken in as though puts women in state of pregnancy. Besides, premenstrual syndrome itself that comes during several days before periods should be recognized as the real exhibition of the physiological frustration. Just in those days, female organism ought to experience a kind of loss of hopes for conception and the need to destroy the preparations.

That setting of female physiology clarifies practically everything in female psychology and in symptom of the common female hormonal disturbance.

So, a woman cannot feel proper libido because sex presents the responsibility for her. She is irrigable because she must feel that the surroundings are ready to become a soft cradle for the next new human life she is prepared to bear.

 Peacock with his tail spread at breeding season

Peacock's tail open at courtship dance makes illusion of multiple eyes gazing peahen

Being permanently at a breeding season, a woman needs to feel that she is worthy of the maternity both mentally and physically. That's why she appreciates and virtually claims compliments, flattery, attention, and dislikes criticism. In this way the illness gets insidious, it makes a women need to look faultless while she is way not such.

All that forms certain superiority complex in women, which permanently changes into inferiority complex as the reality doesn't confirm increased female self-confidence. Usually women fight the latter by means of insliting themselves that they are OK in fact, which means that they are super. Thus the inferiority complex canges back the superior one. You can see an example of this transformation here.

Originally in the lost biological homeland of human race, the fertility ought to come to a women only when a) it is necessary on account of death of a member of community, and b) the women is recognized as the most suiable for the mothering the new human life.

Frank Cadogan Cowper
Vanity Herbert Draper
Lancelot and Guinevere Frank Cadogan Cowper
Venetian Ladies Listening to the Serenade

On the other hand, any woman gets upset by any criticism specially one from her man. It sounds like treachery because it means that she doesn't deserve the pregnancy that ought to bring her so much desired relief.

Lip stick All that is one more cause why women are preoccupied with their appearance. In particular, women like adorning themselves with striking ornaments and marks (cosmetics, manicure, spangles etc.). In this feature they resemble animals at breeding season. However, unlike the latter, women celebrate spring 13 lunar months a year!

Feudal castle: home of female dreams
Women want not mere pregnancy, but happy one, of course. They need to feel that the conditions are suitable. Just that's why every woman likes gifts, freebies, luxury, plenty, opulence, courtship and so on. In all these she sees indications that the conditions meet the high demands of happy childhood.

And that makes women so ambitious. But the reality corrects their plans, and makes women suffer in this way.

A cherub Saying figuratively, countless hordes of unborn children' souls knock through female hearts, requesting with their gentle voices to let them in, and aspiring to burst into this world and to tear it into pieces. The world resists, women cry and, having their tears dried, they find fault with suppressing "male culture".

However, female permanent and total desire for appropriate conditions for unlimited reproduction just undermines the present prosperity of every family and the entire society. It may seem paradoxical, but, ultimately, the greed leads to the poverty. That's why usually a pregnancy is not a pleasant experience for a woman. She doesn't feel that the conditions are suitable.

Physiology is strong and women often decide to conceive a child, being in poverty and bad social conditions. After that the rest of the society have to rack their brains over what to do with these members not asked for.

Madonna Litta Needless to saycountless that every child must be wished, but the problem is that women do wish children always. Saying more exactly, they want pregnancy because they are physiologically attuned to it. And neither contraceptive pills nor implants remedy this problem. Besides, contraceptive pills are designed to maintain the vain and senseless on-going fertility and menstruating that just loses its last sense with the pills. In a strange way people concern for contraception and fertility at once.

Menstruations are justified by nothing, and involve many ills such as PMS, dysmenorrhea, and elementary discomfort, plus the abnormal setting of the mind as we can see now. It is just wrong stereotype that the periods are the norm of female health.

A woman must become pregnant again and again during her active age, or female reproductive systems must stay at rest until the need, but the pointless exhaustive menstruating must not take place anyway?! It is the demand of the physiology.

In other words, natural convertible infertility of women should be acknowledged as the real norm of female health.
The first of those sceneries signifies the amoebian life, endless struggle for survival that's able to turn any prosperity into poverty.

The One Million Years B.C.
movie poster The current state of their physiology was justified and even completely necessary for survival of human race in the prehistoric epoch of the mastering the Earth after the regretful loss of the safe and comfortable biological homeland of human race by our far ancestors. After that they faced multiple perils from the wild beast, diseases, weather and so on.

On the one hand, they had free immense spaces of rich in resources wild nature around themselves. Thus, intensive reproduction, and, accordingly, female permanent fertility was supplied and absolutely necessary for their survival.

Pregnant women in prehistoric art
Venus of Willendorf
Germany Venus with a horn
Laussel, France Venus of Vestonice
Czechia Female figure
from Kostenki, Russia Mother-goddess
from Catal-Huyuk, Turkey

So, small wonder that exhaustion of resources for multiplication and ensuing unwillingness of childbirths caused certain raise of violence and homicide as a mean for decreasing population. We can distinguish four main types of homicide in human society: military, criminal, legal, and ritual — the regular intentional homicide.

Aztec human sacrifice
Drawing from a Spanish chronicle

Statue of woman 
symbolizing Liberty
New York The pressure of the common female condition was weaker in the historical periods when women could become pregnant many times owing to the mastering the new areas or technological revolutions. I see just such basis (but not only it) under the raise of human spirit in the New Time — the last of those periods and also in the prosperity of the USA — the last favorable territory populated by Europeans.

But a decline followed inevitably every heyday because of exhaustion of resources for population growth, i.e. for multiple pregnancies of a woman.

It is significant that the New Time was finished with two pan-European slaughters

Photo of the World War I

and was followed by the invention of the hormonal contraception (Gregory Pincus and John Rock, 1956), and ensuing sexual revolution.

The contraceptive pilsl have ceased the post-war baby boom and prevented overpopulation in Western countries, and saved the lasting peace in Europe for many decades. But they do not extricate women from the female hormonal disturbance

Now the whole planet has become 'a small isolated homeland' of humanity like the lost paradise. Female permanent fertility has fulfilled its saving purpose long ago. It has changed into a great peril now. The source of life has changed into its direct opposite — the source of moral evil undermining gradually the foundations of our species and pushing it to the fatal abyss. Being physically placed into the cave age, women draw the rest of humanity there. And women themselves deserve the name

The Fallen Angels.

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