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Neglected Garden Of Eden

Part 4. The Power of the Moon
(Female physiology and the Moon)

Luis Ricardo Falero
The Moon Nymph Maxfield Parrish
Stars The connection between female physiology and the night luminary is quite distinct as far as the duration of female physiological period as well as pregnancy (10 such periods) fits the lunar period.

Luis Ricardo Falero
Double Star Pleiades star cluster
telescopic photo Women's sense of unclear celestial influence seems to underlie the worldwide believes the heaven as the habitat of varied deities who harm and concern people but aren't not indifferent to the latter anyway. In particulaar, the deities include childish cherubs and the souls of dead people. That ancient belief is kept in the modern names of planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto taken from the names of Roman gods; as well as in the names of the visible constellations such as Orion, Centaurus, Aquarius, Pleiades etc. Plausibly, these beliefs comes also from women who are not only connected to the sky, but also

    Fredrick Lord Leighton
  • are disposed to believe in, and rely on other's help rather than their own ones because of the common female hormonal disturbance making them weak;
  • need to experience some fear and horror because of the paranoid delusion attuning their minds to the fight for survival;
  • permanently dream of new children to bear because of the female permanent fertility continually making them desire pregnacy
Heavenly babies in the arts
Two Alexander Cabanel
Birth of Venus Adolphe-William Bouguereau
The First Kiss Adolphe-William Bouguereau
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Announcement of
a National UFO conference (NUFOC) Alphonse Mucha
Zodiac Beside, women's disposition to rely on outer help, along with their weakness clarifies why they are so prone to the beliefs in zodiac, horoscopes, astrology, and the like stuff valueless from the most men's viewpoint.

At the cosmic age, women believe in UFOs, flying sausages, martians, alien abductors and their invasion in the earthly life.

These topics belong to the sort of weird cultural phenomena existing mainly as psychological relief for women.

Women under alien threat in movie posters
The Earth vs. Flying Saucers This Island, Earth Invasion of Saucer-Men Day The Earth Stood Still Evil Of the Night

The Alien Seed
movie poster 12 To the Moon movie poster

On the other hand, that sense nourishes women's beliefs in existence of some beings who appreciate women unlike earthly men, plus their hope that intensive reporduction will get claimed with the mastering new worlds in the close future.

So, the dependence on the celestial bodies harms and disturbes women. From this we can conclude that there's something amiss in women's connection to the sky.

Fae in the moonlight The regularity of female periods, and their connection with the natural object (the celestial bodies) makes believe them to be the norm. However, we should take into account that the duration of the periods varies enough wide from woman to woman and from time to time. This displays some break of the disruption. All things considered, the missing link is the earthy vegetation. Connection between plants and female physiology is obvious as plants containing female sex hormones occur in the Nature and the Moon is well-known and used in the lunar agriculture.

All these facts, plus importance of vegetarianism for female health involving vegetarianism and the importance of ripe fruits for vegetarianism clues us in on the nature of the connection between female physiology and the Moon.

Sir Edward Poynter 
At Low Tide It is well-known that summary gravitation of the Moon and the Sun induces tides. That also aids lifting sap within trunks of plants. And since it changes monthly, so both tides and nourishment of upper parts of plants changes monthly too. Moreover, every monthly maximum of the summary solar-lunar gravity (new moon) takes place always at noon — maximum of sunlight that provides plant with energy, whilst the minimum (full moon) takes place always at midnight!

Furthermore, association between water supplies of a plant and level of phytoestrogens in it is confirmed with findings mentioned in the Nature's Hormone Factory by Jonathan Tolman (page 4). According to that article years of good rainfall... legumes are relatively low in phytoestrogens. However, in drought years the levels of phytoestrogens are increased... There appears to be a self-regulating mechanism whereby the increase in [farm animals] is kept low when food availability is limited.

Also process of maturation of fruits that grow almost always on upper parts of plants is subject to these monthly fluctuations.

Willi Glasauer
TantalusIncidentally, some ancient myths give reasons to think that people had penetrated the connexion between the Moon, tides, and fruits long ago. So, Ancient Greek myth of Tantalus pictures concordant swings of tides and fruits (and possible the Moon that resembles a fruit hanging in a branch).

Thomas Cole
Expulsion from the Garden of Eden (detail) The god of the Genesis book who punished the first couple for picking a fruit also looks like a lunar god. For instance, he had established the seven-days week, his wrath and the ensuing expulsion from the garden of Eden guarded by a cherub and ''the flame of a sword" resembles an volcanic eruption and earthquake which could be induced by lunar gravitation, and which really could cause the loss of human biological homeland. Glowing from the shame Adam and Eve might be low planets of Mars and Venus. Joint gravitation of several celestial bodies is supposed to increase occurrence of volcanic eruption and earthquakes very much.

Accordingly, since ripe fruits are much richer in phytoestrogens, so the amount of these substances in human natural board would vary monthly. And that's why female physiology submits to lunar rhythms.

Phytoestrogens of ripe fruits must compensate regular monthly decreases of internal secretion of estrogens in women. And without ripe fruits women become hormonally disturbed and start to menstruate.

Tides of estrogen during a menstrual cycle

Double coconut resembles female pelvisDate palm with clusters of fruits 
pre-packed into the special sacks In view of that, it seems significant that among the little number of plants containing substances acting like female sex hormones are pomegranate trees having watery fruits, and palms — tall trees with fruits growing in the very tops, namely African oil palm fruits, coconuts, and probably double coconuts, dates.

Besides, thanks to their high position, unripe fruits of palms are unreachible for men. So palms ought to be the prime source of phytoestrogens in the biological homeland of humanity.

Another kind of plants, which served as the source of phytoestrogens for the earliest people could be biological ancestors of the present legumes as far as the herb of outstanding importance for female health belongs to this kind. Since many legumes are climbing creepers, we can suppose that there was such a legume in the human homeland. The gravitation of celestial bodies ought to matter to that plant because of its vertical growth.

Thus, we see now that there is no substantial barrier in the way back to the Eden garden — we need merely to recall our natural nutritional wishes forgotten during the epoch of the mastering the Earth, and follow them, to eat what we just like — ripe fruits. Please keep in mind that this is right also in the case of the phytoestrogens rich fruits too. So fermented coconut tastes very sensually, and is a chief constituent of the rums.

Evelyn De Morgan
A captive of the Moon
However, there are some psychological barriers. So, women know no way of thinking other then that formed under pressure of common female hormonal disturbance during the epoch of mastering the Earth. Therefore they are unable to get rid of the power of the Moon. The feeling of the high intention intoxicates them. Also the whole human culture formed in those conditions supports them in this insane state. Besides, the entire sectors of economy parasitize on female psychological and physiological problems. And, of course they just encourage and nourish women's' unsound cravings and way not want woman to get rid of those problems.

In particular, having got proper libido (so much expected by men) along with general soundness, women feel cheated: men have their wishes satisfied but women's sweet dreams determined by female permanent fertility have got forgotten. waterhouse145.jpg

Evelyn De Morgan
The Love Potion John William Waterhouse
The Love Philtre Women prefer to bring their men to the loss of libido with their continual materialist demands and, then care of the men's sexual power because only it compels men to fulfill women's insane wishes.

In this view, it's noteworthy that only male aphrodisiacs are chiefly taken in consideration. The obvious reason is that only men actually appreciate the blessed sex.

But such substances exist only theoretically; scientists fail to find them in the nature. (By the way, just these substances should be termed phytoandrogens — male counterpart of phytoestrogens)

Vintage Cuban Bacardi advertisement John Duncan
Tristan and Isolde
(drinking the love potion) Its stands to reason that the only stimulators men need are sincerely voluptuous women, and disturbance of libido is originally a problem of women and natural substances causing female libido are enough well-known and enough widely used (coconut, licorice, eleutherococcus), although knowledge of them is not promoted openly. (This takes place as a result of general soundness of female organism.) In this mad world such substances are taken as means of seduction of women, subterfuges for non-honest courting and so on.

Phytoestrogens also benefit greatly the whole female organism. But since they 'unfortunately' female health involves increasing libido and cease female permanent fertility that seems to be why women avert unconsciously phytoestrogen rich foods but prefer much trouble with the fitness and cosmetic procedures to yielding to men. Women choose shaping and bodybuilding instead of the joint exercises with men.

Those extravagant and laborious methods do maintain female health somehow. Remember the top models — their beauty is maintained by the real brigades. Also these methods answer women's need to feel their own value, to see luxury around themselves, and to pass their time (an usual problem of women who cannot cope with any little stress). On the other hand, these methods keep female hormonal disturbance that just determines those insane needs of women and makes their libido low, which just forces men to satisfy those needs of women.

Also the disturbance fills women's minds with feeling of great mission, which don't want to part with. In this way, female hormonal disturbance supports itself and makes women even unwilling to dispose of it. In short words, female hormonal disturbance acts as a narcotic.

So for example, women who had enjoyed licorice after my advices attempted to start new lives but with old attitudes, they destroyed their families and tried to find new men. Eventually, they returned to unsound but habitual state after few weeks of turbulent attempts.

Further, I failed to observe effects of ripe fruits or fermented beverages in women, but I see these effects do exist and confuse women. But feeling unconsciously confused from fresh ripe fruits, women who have charge of kitchen in every family as a rule, tend intuitively to manipulate fruits and vegetables in varied ways, so that to remove the cause of this confusion, to kill the good microbes and to destroy results of their work.

So, women boil fruits and vegetables too thoroughly and methodically in compotes, jams, soups and garnishes, candy them, fry them rigorously, bake them mercilessly in cakes, they also add greens to salads, treat over-ripe fruits as waste food and so on. In this way women do their best to exclude ripe fruit from their own and common board.

Thus, women appear to be in a vicious circle of common female hormonal disturbance, which they do not want to leave, although this would be present no practical difficulty. Women not only escape benefits of the ripe fruits and phytoestrogens, but also prevent the rest of humankind from this.

Sir Isaac Newton That's why people usually do not remember that fruit ripen and fall from time to time. In particular this fault has caused the accident known from the legend of Isaac Newton and the Apple. According to the legend, one day Sir Isaac Newton lay down careless under shade of an apple-tree in a garden in order to rest. However, after the well-known event he started to muse very much over its cause and turned it into the use eventually. The theory of the universal gravitation of physical bodies was created as a result. 

By the way, Newton was the first modern man to comprehend the connection between the Moon and the tides by virtue of his theory.

Summing up, we should draw proper conclusions from the established facts and bear in mind that

a) physical bodies gravitate to each other,
b) fruits become ripe and fall sometimes from this cause,
c) they do so for the sake of gravitation of human bodies and souls.