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Neglected Garden Of Eden

Part 3. The Fault Of Eve
(Vegetarianism and female health)

Lucas Cranch the Elder
Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve among animals in the Eden Garden
All thing considered, the our furthest ancestors who lived in the lost
biological homeland of humanity ought to be vegetarian because facts of human anatomy and physiology tell us that human being has been designed to consume only plant food, and, more exactly, fruits of plants (these include proper fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, pulses etc). See Plant Eaters Or Meat Eaters and The Comparative Anatomy of Eating web pages for detailed info.

Also regulation of reproduction ought to be absolutely necessary for their survival in the account of small isolated area of the original human environment.

In view of this, it's very significant that according to some medical reports (view the abstracts: 1, 2) vegetarian women are likely infertile (anovulatory, with reproductive system just at rest) that means healthy!  Currently this fact is accepted as an anti-vegetarian argument. But now we see that things stand exactly conversely, and female permanent fertility is an ill condition to dispose of. And convertible female infertility is just to be acknowledged as the normal state of female physiology. 

Modern findings have also revealed multiple benefits of vegetarian diet for female health. However, at present this knowledge is not disseminated intentionally. Perhaps, the reason is that benefits of vegetarianism allows make no profit. I can indicate only a couple of suitable web pages containing some information on ability of vegetarian diet to prevent breast cancer:

Sacred cow in Indian street Now remember the unforgettable Ancient Indian female ascetics (Yakshi's but not only). They were distinctly related to Buddhism, the religion of non-violence (ahimsa) and vegetarianism following that. So, most probably, they enjoyed their true femininity owing to their true human lifestyle — vegetarianism. Besides, they were evidently rid of the permanent fertility.

Incidentally, Yakshas' country (the Himalayas) was like human original biological environment, or like Biblical — just so small and so isolated places.

Also the Aegean Amazons, the other healthy women of the past who live in small isolated areas islands, were evidently vegetarian.

The benefit of vegetarianism might be due to the phytoestrogens, the plant substances acting like female sex hormones, and due to the absence of cholesterol in plant food. Probably cholesterol blocks action of female sex hormones, as they are chemically similar to it.

Linda and Paul McCartney:
GO veggie - STOP eating animalsSo why is there no woman like Yakshi's and other Ancient Indian female ascetics and Amazons among millions of vegetarian women? Why nothing is known of their mass infertility? And why vegetarian diet has not prevented Linda McCartney's fatal breast cancer?

The answer is simple: there is no true natural vegetarianism among varied present lifestyles called vegetarian. People who reckon themselves as vegetarian consume either some amounts of some type of animal food or artificial remedies.

So, according to the Definitions of the International Vegetarian Union, the following types are to be mentioned:

They consume dairy. Cow milk is the perfect nourishment for a calf but how are we related to it? By the way, traditional post-Buddhist vegetarianism in India, the country of holy cows, belongs just to this type.
These eat eggs. Did you ever see eggs growing on a tree? Fruits of so-called egg-plant only resemble eggs.
Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian
They do not refuse both eggs and dairy. And this group farther from vegetarian ideal than those above is most numerous!
The word semi means 'half', but do not think these eat halves of fruits. These people daring call themselves with the honorable name vegetarian live on animal flesh. They emphasize that only a bit. But how one can be a murderer only a bit? And how can one be semi-honest?
Their pesce is 'fish', much better than before. At least, fishes keep silence and don't bleed being killed.
After so many various animal-eaters ranked among vegetarians (predatorily occupied the word vegetarian, if you will), people who really reject any animal food had to invent new name for their lifestyle — vegan. However, this people need to consume some artificially fortified and enriched products because their way of eating does not supply them with all the necessary nutrients such as vitamin B12. In other words, this lifestyle is not fully natural. And since we acknowledge vegetarianism to be the only human natural diet, we cannot accept vegan diet as that.
Vegan Pyramid
Notice the jar of vitamin B12 in the top
They are most close to the true human diet as they consume only fruits, and so avoid killing plants. However, they need to consume artificial supplements, like vegans. Besides, they make two essential mistakes. Firstly they reject root-crops, although these can be taken after the plant has died, and, secondly, they mistakenly reject yeast.

So we see that there is hardly one natural vegetarian in true sense of the word among millions.

The cause of this consists in the difficulty of being vegetarian. Several days of really vegetarian diet will surely wake up a predator desiring flesh within you.

So, for instance, some famous people who had declared to be vegetarian, appeared later to be not vegetarian — despite reports. They failed in adherence to vegetarianism, although they wished to be numbered among this honorable group. However, we see now that people who do belong to vegetarians are also not so as matter of fact.

These facts display vividly the difficulty and even impossibility of being true natural vegetarian in the present culture of eating. That means that something in wrong in present vegetarian diets.

The Buddha himself is mentioned in that list. He did not realize physiological significance of vegetarian diet, but he cared only moral purity.

True vegetarianism suggests a simple, easy, and absolutely natural rule having been violated at the original sin described in the Genesis book.

All the arguments pro vegetarianism cost very little as compared with somebody's personal experience. Several days of strict vegetarian diet will surely wake up a hungry beast of prey inside you.

The cause is that people who try to become vegetarian do not obey that rule logically following the basic principle of vegetarianism.

The latter principle tells not to injure any living creature. It is an intrinsic attitude of human race having been formed in the small isolated ecosystem of our biological homeland, where predatory lifestyle would be fatal for both the prey and the predators themselves.

Saying living creature, we usually imply 'animal'. However, that rule ought to be in force in the case of plants too! We must not injure any living creature, including plants. In the conditions of human biological homeland any consumption of plants or even their parts would imperil them and hence their eaters too (because of small closed area).

The Fall of Man
by Titian Saskia as Flora
Portrait of his wife
by Rembrandt According to the data of human anatomy and physiology, we humans should consume fruits, but an important addition must be made — we should consume only ripe and over-ripe fallen fruits that have come off their mother plants, but not plucked unripe ones as Eve did! In this way we would keep the plants untouched too. Needless to say that picking any other parts of living plants, such as leaves or flowers for any purpose or purposelessly is also illicit in that sense.

Walter Crane
La Primavera
(The Spring)

John William Waterhouse
Narcissus Hades carrying Persephone off
Fresco from the Tomb of Persephone The moving Greek myth of the abduction of Persephone seems to reflect the ancient awareness of the connection between this violation of the laws of humaneness and the corruption of female nature. Persephone (also called Core) was a daughter of the goddess of vegetation Demeter. One day Persephone went together flowers in a meadow by sea near Henna along with other girls. A beautiful narcissus caught her eye and she wandered away from the group in order to get a closer look. As she reached to pluck the bloom from it's stem, with a thunderous roar the god Hades (Roman Pluto), the god of riches and the King of the Underworld rose from a chasm in the earth, and snatched the maiden away in his chariot to his kingdom where she became his wife.

Persephona and Hades
Greek plate

Analogous motif occurs in Indian mythology too. So all the misfortunes happened to the heroes of Ramayana because of Sita's desire for a deer — a kind of violation of vegetarianism.

Sita's fateful desire for deer


Just ripe fruits present what we need for easy and natural vegetarianism. The difference between ripe and unripe fruits is very great owing to fermentation the takes place after a fruit ripens. And just that what human being lacks to live on plant food only. I say this having 3-years long experience of strictest vegetarianism (to March 2002).

Here are words from the Genesis book stating first people to be vegetarian:

God said, "Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed, which is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree, which bears fruit yielding seed. It will be your food. To every animal of the earth, and to every bird of the sky, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food." And it was so.

Genesis 1:29-30

In a wonderful way the Bible carries words written in the bottoms of our hearts, although forgotten. In these extract the opposite of mature fruits yielding seed as human's food against green herb as animal's one is clearly expressed.

Only ripe fruits contain seeds able to germinate and are intended by the Mother Nature to be eaten by animals that spread plant seeds, but neither unripe fruits, nor leaves, nor shoots, nor branches, nor other animals, nor their milk nor eggs. All these things have other natural purposes and must not be eaten and even injured. Here is the ABC of morality!

Wolf howling
at the Moon Wild animals do infringe upon this simplest but crucial natural law every day, but therefore they are just animals! They live as though cursed, in ever-lasting fight for survival. They themselves are preyed upon by others, they cannot stay calm completely, they have to be hungry for days, to run as fast as they only can, to sleep on the snow in winter, and so on.

We humans disobey this natural law as a result of the expulsion from the paradise. Out of the paradise, in the wild nature, ripe fruits were very difficult to obtain because of constant fight for food that takes place among wild animals.

Anyway we pay proper penalty for the violation. Remember well-known problem of cholesterol and varied types of cancer, but these are not all.

Rainbow Promise to Noah
by Lambert Dolphin The currently customary diet including animal food and green parts of plants blocks contraceptive action of vegetarian food somehow. Most probably, this effect of animal food stems from the cholesterol, which can replace estrogens owing to its chemically similarity to the latter. In this way, consumption of animal food causes female permanent fertility. This was quite necessary in the epoch of the mastering the Earth:

God blessed Noah and his sons, and said to them, "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. The fear of you and the dread of you will be on every animal of the earth, and on every bird of the sky. Everything that the ground teems with, and all the fish of the sea are delivered into your hand. Every moving thing that lives will be food for you. As the green herb, I have given everything to you.

Genesis 9:1-3

But now, when that epoch is over, current state of female physiology and hence the meat- and green-eating practice is not useful any longer. Conversely, it presents the heaviest sin burdening humanity and womankind first of all as it causes female permanent fertility, which presents the prime source of moral evil.

There is almost irrational correlation between the biological crimes performed by people and the ensuing punishments. And in an astonishing way these punishments point to women first of all. I have presented some examples of this correlation in the table below.

Women do... Women get...

...enjoy vain blooming of picked flowers — reproductive organs of plants

...their own reproductive system blooming in vain every month

...enjoy wilting beauty of picked flowers

...their own beauty fading immature fruits

...unable to reach their own maturity

...consume cow milk taken away from cows' babies

...unwilling to feed their own babies with breast milk products of shedding blood of farm animals

...themselves bleeding every month

...consume products of cattle industry keeping cattle in constraint though in similar constraint of their physiology

...consume products of cattle-breeding which sets the female cattle in permanent reproductive cycles similar cycles, although mostly vain

Thus, the original sin literally entails all the other problems of humanity.

The loss of the natural infertility also has been shown in the Biblical account. So just after the Fall and the Expulsion from the Eden

The man knew Eve his wife. She conceived, and gave birth to Cain...   (Genesis 4:1)

However, any fermented plant food can serve as a substitute of ripe fruits. So, in the former times fermented foods like beer, wine, and sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) supported common people who had to be vegetarian for long periods because of unavailability of animal food, and who couldn't enjoy fresh fruits because of cold winters. And seemingly the people noticed benefits of such stuff for female nature. The following German folk verse shows that. It was told by an old woman holding cabbage and salt in her hands at traditional wedding:


Jungfrau Braut,
mir ein Lehre geben.
Versalz das Kraut,
Aber nicht dem Mann das Leben

Miss bride,
me give a teaching.
Salt the cabbage,
But not the man the life

The importance of fermentation and ripe fruits for vegetarianism also clarifies why female physiology submits to the

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