Anatomy Of Female Psyche

Part 4. The Fallen Angels
(Women and moral evil)

Abbot Handerson Thayer
Angel A golden-haired angel The prime natural purpose of female sex that consists in life-giving, nursing and rearing babies ought to imply women's impeccable moral purity, kindness, sanity, and cheer. It ought to be incompatible with anything negative.

Their outward physical attraction that surely only females are endowed with seems to be a visual exhibition of their inward spiritual perfection. Women's physical weakness makes almost impossible any doubt about their innocence.

Finally, their continual complains seem to confirm all that and make us believe them to be faultless and poor from our imperfection.

Castle Vampire The Kiss Of Vampire
movie poster (German version) They are actually poor; they do endure continually certain evil and injustice of the pointless and exhausting female permanent fertility. But the bleeding source of this evil is within themselves, and they bring it into this world. And their complaining is only a way the evil comes into this world through.

A fallen angel
Furthermore, physical imperfection of the present women takes place. Female bodies mismatch the ideal that matters for proper performance of maternal purpose of female organism. And unless women improved their appearance by means of fine dress, cosmetic, massage, aesthetic surgery, and other ruses their outward looks would fairly display their inward state. At present women's faces display rather power of the men's intellect.

A bottle-fed baby Women are right absorbed by their reproductive function so that their organisms become unable to perform properly this function itself. Namely they bear children with the travails hurting both a mother and her child, and then refuse to breastfeed those. Furthermore, thanks to the common female hormonal disturbance, women can't be proper mothers as they are so irritable and need continual care and attention just like children. Moreover, being unable to cope with even little stress, women trouble their own children as the most close and most dependent on them people.

The Monte Carlo Baby
movie poster Vintage Cadillac advert Furthermore, women's continual insatiable pathological cupidity that results from their state of permanent fertility just undermines the present prosperity of every family and the entire society as well. They make society waste colossal resources for useless luxury, and inspire and sanction the crime and the mad money chase. In this way, they also mar moral atmosphere of entire society.

A chest 
full of female jewels

Besides, helpless in elementary problems women surprisingly turn out strong fellows at both the ills.

The How To 
Steal a Million
movie poster

Advert of
pearl necklace While we think of spiritual height and moral purity of females, their minds are full of material wealth. When a woman speaks of the spiritual wealth she means her own dignity and your duty to esteem it and reward it with your earthly things and low toadyism.

Women's lust for riches results from their physiological need to see the environment suitable for happy childhood of the children they dreams to bear. Thus, women's obsession about the unborn children harms greatly the living people, and women themselves first of all.

Despite their physical weakness, they wield enough power to affect the surrounding people as mothers and men's sexual partners. And they use this power to realize their insane whims and fancies, which we men usually tend to ignore as weird but intrinsic features of female psychology.

the Temptation and Fall
FragmentPandora releazing the evils In general I see no remarkable source of the moral evil other than that within women.

It's significant that just the first woman, Eve, has been portrayed as the culprit of all the troubles of humankind, in the crucial myth of the Bible. The analogous Greek myth indicates the woman named Pandora in a similar role.

Frank Cadogan Cowper
Vanity The Lady From 
movie poster Practically any vice of human nature, such as spite, irascibility, jealousy, greed, schadenfreude, materialism, power lust, arrogance, vanity, conceit, immodesty, intolerance, ingratitude, tactlessness, insidiousness, hypocrisy, captiousness etc. should be acknowledged as a typical feature of female psychology but women's real nature is implicit because of their weakness. 

And only in women these vices have physiological basis. But we usually tend to wink at women's vices because natural sex and reproduction is impossible without them. Besides, we likely view a woman's vices as only her individual ones because they disagree to the proper female nature. Finally, we concede them because they are just so intolerant to criticism, arrogantly captious, insolently ambitious, insidiously spiteful etc.

knightly armor
A "real" man
Edmond Aman-Jean
Hesiod Listening to the
Inspiration of the Muse We only wish to see kind fairies in our women, while according to their common notion men ought to be severe ruffians.

So, who are really kind and who are really severe? It's clear that everyone tends to assign their own qualities to the other people! Also each sex only try to play the role expected by the other, and compel the other to meet its own character.

Women are merely genteel in point of fact. They masquerade pure angel soaring graciously over the morals, in order to make men to venerate them and to satisfy their selfish desires. At that they suppose that polite and kind men only feign so from weakness. Women know how they do!

Cornelia Otis Skinner However, sometimes they get tired and reveal their real disposition. The following well-known maxim exemplifies women's frankness of this kind:

Women's virtue is men's greatest invention

This saying is attributed to Cornelia Otis Skinner (1901 - 1979) an American stage actress and author who probably was actually tired of the decades-long performing the female parts written by men dramatists.

So, it's time to open eyes and see the furies rather than fairies!

But even violence, the crudest form of moral evil, is due to women.

Frank Cadogan 
Lancelot Slays the Caitift Knight Sir TarquinCover of a vintage detective storyFormerly I wondered who needed the cruelty and shedding blood in movies. Now I see that the violence scenes as well as crime, gangster and detective stories and movies, criminal news etc. are appreciated primary by women. Really, these topics neighbor cooking recipes, fashion, and cosmetic ads in magazines, tabloids, bookstores, and TV programs. Moreover, those ills are rife owing to the support of women, the notorious spendthrifts! Men are well known lovers of another sort of scenes, genres etc!

Women in crime movies posters
Dillinger Contrabandists of the 
Moonfleet Crumled Knave This Gun For Hire The Gun Crazy
movie poster

Another entertainment kind, of which existence presented me an enigma, was horror, ghosts,vampires, werewolves etc. In this case we can easily recognize show-biz' efforts to please women once again.

Women in horror movies posters
The Cauldron Of Death The 
House On Haunted Hill The Horror of Dracula The Curse Of Werewolf The Bat (Spanish version)

The matter is, probably, that the permanent fertility attunes women's psyches to the fight for survival, which it is intended for. This state fills their minds with the most primitive unaccountable animal fears and subconscious anxiety. Women are as if placed in the epoch of the mastering the Earth when their state of permanent fertility was quite necessary for secure survival of human race in the hostile circumstance.

However, women stay in such state although that epoch is over. Therefore taking into consideration women's almost physical need in surrounding peoples' attention determined by the female permanent fertility we can state a kind of paranoid delusion common in women.

Women in peril in movies posters
Tentacles Monster From the Ocean Floor The 
Beginning Of the End Attack Of the Crab Monsters Empire Of 
the Ants
Therefore they just need to experience some fear and horror.
Horror in women's faces in movie posters
The Night Watch
movie poster The Black Sabbath
movie poster The Curse Of Demon
movie poster The Reptilicus
movie poster The Scream
movie poster
On the other hand, the funny nature of the Halloween holiday, and the comedy genre of the famous American movie Ghostbusters, in which the heroine is portrayed just as a possessed, as well as relatively new Scary Movie picturing a girl disposed to horror fantasies just reflects the normal (!) men’s attitude towards the subject. The most of us men cannot take it seriously because we don’t know it in reality, but the most of women evidently do.

This need of women is satisfied in their nightmares.

Females' nightmares in arts
John Anster Fitzgerald
Nightmare Henry Fuseli
Dracula, Prince of Darkness
movie poster The Great White
movie poster

The awesome images are, plausibly, painted by women's imagination exalted with the endorphins on the background of the unaccounted fears. The endorphins, the inner analgesics of human body certainly ought to be secreted to reduce the physical pain women endure because of the physiological processes in them. Being predisposed to the superior complex, women accept such visions as prophesy and clairvoyance.

Scrying women in the arts
Woman looking art herself in glass and devil
Olden picture Scrying water
Olden picture John William Waterhouse
The Crystal Ball Sir Frank Dicksee
Magic Crystal John William Waterhouse

By the way, besides women's general concern for comfort of their dwelling, determined by the female permanent fertility we can state their extra obsession with wallpapers. Plausibly, women need fine ornaments around them because awesome illusions appear on such background much less.

Hades taking Persephone
away to the Underworld
Greek vase Edward Frederick Brewtnall
A Visit to the Witch That is one more cause why women are so disposed to believe in magic, are superstitious. That's why since the earliest times up to the present days, just women are often pictured as possessed by demons or captured by monsters, and as witches knowing the evil spirits. Now we can recognize the figures of their disturbed imagination coming from bestial archetypes, which just catch women's minds.

The Canary Murder Case
movie poster The Die! Die! Darling
movie poster That property of endorphins is probably intended to aid the mind to find the cause of the pain, but disturbed female minds find causes according to their mental disposition: intrigues of imaginary secret enemies.

The fight for survival is over and there are no natural enemies of humans any longer, so women find those in their paranoid fantasies about benign people around.

The Atom Age Vampire
movie poster   Since the disturbance makes women unable to enjoy themselves but only other people in troubles, women seemingly suppose similar causes to underlie the normal men and children's cheer. So, sound people appear to women to be insidious, subtle and hence especially evil. All that is just about women themselves!

As a result women act as real enemies against surrounding people. Women physically need to see evil around, and so they call it down to this world where they feel uncomfortable as it is too peaceful in contrast to their inner state. They as if continue the fight among people.

A Nightmare On 
Elm Stereet 2
movie posterThat's why women are so timorous and so much oppressed by their loneliness. That's why so often they are boring with verbose pointless talking — in this way they hold the contact with the real surrounding, which helps them to overcome their unconscious anxiety and fear.

The King Kong
movie poster The 
Time Machine
movie poster That's why women sense a need for "defenders" as though they live in jungles. If human society does resemble jungles, so it is just due to women and their "defenders".

movie poster Women find such “knights?among insolent, pugnacious, macho ruffians paranoid like women. Those please women not only by securing them from the imaginary menaces but rather by overawing and terrorizing surrounding people and making the latter share women's sense of fear and anxiety in this way. Besides, they provide women with false respect of others that women want, being put into the permanent state of "breeding season". They often turn out to present substantial danger for both the women themselves and other people. Then women raise the issue of domestic violence.

Women and their defenders in the arts
Venus and Mars
Roman sculpture group Walter Crane
Laidley Worm Marianne 
Aucassin and Nicollette Clara and Nutcracker
Scene from the ballet The Forbidden Planet
movie poster

So, women further moral evil also in another, indirect way, namely by supporting bad-natured men. And it is the

Secret of Women's Sympathies


Cinderella Waiting For Stork Home