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Anatomy Of Female Psyche

Part 5. Secret Of Female Sympathies
(Sexual mis-selection)

We men continually rack our brains over what male personal qualities attract women, and women do the same concerning us. The streams of the popular advices on these problems are produced every day by both scientific psychology and homemade experts. However, this fact itself signifies that something is fundamentally wrong in that field because mutual understanding between men and women ought to be natural, free and easy despite the innate gender differences found by scientists. Why things don't stand so is the only real problem to solve.

Now the knowledge of the common female hormonal disturbance and female permanent fertility clues us in on this problem.

First off, we don't doubt that the qualities attracting women must be positive because we ourselves like positive qualities in women. It is the sexual selection, which must give advantages to the best individuals.

However, being subjected to the hormonal disturbance, women misuse their part of sexual selection, and barter it away on ephemeral psychological relief from their physiological condition. In this way women cause the accumulation of bad mutations in human race in his way, and conduct sexual mis-selection instead.

One chooses friends like oneself, and accordingly our ill women sympathize with, favor and select mediocre, bad-natured, emotional fellows with physical deficiencies or psychological problems. By the way, attractive females free in their choice choose also female friends of such sort.

And when women’s problems are determined by the hormonal disturbance, the men’s ones are caused either by bad psychological impact of women or, in the worst case, by genetic mutations.

So, suffering certain heart problems women like heart-diseased men and further congenital heart disease in this way.

The following two characteristic cases from my acquaintances' lives exemplify this inclination of women.

I knew closely a nervous fellow who called me "metallic-hearted" in a minute of the frankness. He had served 5 of his 24 years in prison. I often mused over the causes of his irritability, but the main cause was discovered suddenly.
He was a real favorite of females, and very shortly after the liberation he found a girl friend from a good family. In proper terms daughter was born, but obligatory tests revealed "a little noise" in the cardiogram, i.e. the newborn had congenital heart disease. The young mother's parents stated that this disease was unknown in their families.
It was a great grief for her, but, fortunately, she had medical insurance policy, and the insurance company had to meet the expenses for the surgical operation. It was a damn pile of money.
Later the fellow left the young woman along with their daughter and forgot them.

When an old woman heard I had contacts with America via Internet, she said me that once an American woman phoned them and asked for the old woman's son Vitya who was dead to that time and had left his widow and orphan.
"I love Vitya. I love Vitya" — was the only Russian sentence the American woman could reproduce.
Since the old woman added that he had died too young, 34 y. o., so I requested her of the cause and she answered that it was a heart disease.

Hearts beating in unison Hearts beating in unison
These stories are typical enough. Thus, the figure of heart appears to be not a mere heraldic symbol of love, but an exact embodiment of female notion of ideal male soul mates who have similar heart stress reactions as women do, whose hearts beat with female ones in unison, so to say.

It seems to be significant that the cardiac glycosides-containing herb Pheasant’s Eye is named Adonis vernalis in latin after a mythological lover of the goddess Venus.

Venus and Adonis

Cardiac glycosides are often used to treat some congenital heart defects.

Another congenital disease of this sort is congenital adrenal hyperplasia. It is characterized by a deficiency in the corticoid hormones — just like female common hormonal disturbance. That causes inability to cope with a regular stress properly in the people suffering the hyperplasia. A stress hurts such people. However, there are natural remedies that increase the overall resistance to all types of stress and are able to solve that problem in this way. They are called adaptogens and include licorice — the herb curing the common female hormonal disturbance. At present I have an opportunity to observe prominent benefits of licorice in a young man who I should reckon as irritable and quick-tempered. Under the influence of very little amounts of licorice his Irritability disappears completely and he obviousy enjoys his present health. Adaptogens are usually viewed as treatments for extraordinary stress and fatigue. However, they should also be a kind of vitamins for people failing to cope with regular stersses.

Besides, congenital adrenal hyperplasia is characteriz by hypersecretion of testosterone — the inductor of sex drive. Women prefer such men as those depend on women much more, which women like, of course. That looks like a shifted sexual draft: extra from male side at meager in the opposite direction. One-way street suits well as a comparison for this sort of such relationships.

Being deficient, women clearly appreciate such men's harassment as it gives them feeling of their own dignity and value they lack, being deficient and craving the recognition.

Like women, such men are captives of their own physiology. In addition they are firmly tied to women, but to all women!

Giacomo Casanova
"Man who really loved women"
That's why women often claim that men are polygamous by nature and women monogamous. Formerly, hearing such statements, I thought that women simply "do not consider the beams that are in their own eyes" as usual. Now I see that women are right but with a reserve.

They tend to consider only men of this type who really are likely 'polygamous' owing to their hypersexuality and fickleness.

Also when women talk about the entire male race' brute lechery they surely consider just such type of men.

At the same time, women tend to ignore normal 'monogamous' men and reckon them as indifferent to the opposite sex, while just women themselves are such in point of a fact.

Women ascribe every possible virtue to men deficient like themselves while healthy men's true virtues only excite female jealousy and cause the same heart pain in them as a result.

At the same time, women escape really clever, cheerful, canny, independent men who enjoy their lives while women suffer and who will not allow exploiting themselves for nourishing insane desires of women. By the way, small wonder that women who are unable to stay calm because of their heart itch, choose men workaholics.

Also, being next to men with hypersecretion of testosterone, women feel more feminine. In other words, the under-feminine women feel much surer, when they are compared with the men who are over-virile owing the excessive virilizing action of extra amounts of testosterone. This shifted gender difference holds the proper distance between two sexes. Small wonder that daughters of such men come out yet less feminine and yet less healthy as the symptoms of congenital adrenal hyperplasia reveal!

Aphrodite, Pan and Eros Here is another similar example of sexual mis-selection women realize.

Having underdeveloped forms and strongly craving admiration of milieu, women avoid the self-consciousness about their appearance women often prefer unsightly men. In this way they secure their future daughters even bigger problems of the same kind because such men can't father pretty females.

Moreover, having their hips and breast characteristics underdeveloped and bodily charm fading, women seemingly believe facial beauty to be such a characteristic instead.

Didn't you ever hear as a woman paid a pretty little boy such a "compliment":

"You should have been born as a girl!"

Do you still wonder why so many females should have been born "as boys?"

Simply, men appreciate beautiful women while the latter appreciate deficient men. And this is a real gender difference.

Moreover, women not only prefer bad men, they also reproach men with selectiveness and preference to clever and beautiful women and with disdain towards women of low dignity. However, they themselves are way not less selective, but they appreciate bad men.

Thus, women act as enemies of everything sound and beautiful in human, under pressure of the common female hormonal disturbance. After all that, the comparison of two sexes to two different biological species seems to embody some truth. Women actually behave as though they belong to a different biological species.

Daniel Maclise
The Serenade
Fragment Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Courtship Furthermore, the permanent state of "breeding season" resulting from female permanent fertility compels women to desire the impossible — conditions for unlimited reproduction and continual unconditional recognition of their own absolute perfection, and that's why they prone to men talented in wiles, wheedling, pushiness, and money-grubbing.

The How To Marry a Millionaire
movie poster

Bamburgh castle Knight's castle:
generosity and gallantry indoor,
poverty and terror outdoor

Chivalry implying bounty, servility and obsequiousness is men's most strong attractions from female viewpoint, regardless of what these "qualities" are based on, and where the riches come from.

Furthermore, being in continue troubles, women gloat over other people's suffering, and support such people out of false charity and compassion. However, such charity and compassion converts into its opposite where cheerful people needing nobody's pity are concerned. Women, position looks sometimes like consecutive egalitarian or socialist philosophy. However, it is based evidently on mere emotions: jealousy towards cheerful people and schadenfreude about others in need. Women can dislike people who have achieved their prosperity by honest ways, and approve criminals.

The inclination of women towards criminals can stupefy sometimes with the ugly forms they take. So-called Stockholm syndrome exemplifies this pattern with a special prominence. It is named after a criminal incident, which took place in Stockholm, Sweden in August 1973. Here is a short account compiled by me from varied web sources.

At 10:15 A.M. on Thursday, August 23rd, 1973 the "Sveriges Kreditbank" of Stockholm, Sweden was rocked by sub-machine gun fire. A 32-year-old prison escapee named Jan-Erik Olsson burst into the bank, and attempted an armed robbery. For the next 131 hours (5 1/2 days) he and his former cell mate Clark Olofsson who joined him later, held four of the bank's employees (3 women and one man) hostage in an 11’x 47’ vault, demanding money and safe conduct out of the country.

The authorities refused to accede to the demands of the hostage takers (largely because those demands included taking their captives out of the country with them), and tried to negotiate another solution. But the hostages themselves had other ideas. Contrary to what the authorities expected, the hostages, in particular the outspoken 23-year-old Kristin Ehnmark, insisted that their only safety lay in complying with their captors, that the authorities did not know or care what was happening to them, and that it was not the robbers, but the police who were endangering their (the hostages’) lives. At one point, in a telephone call to the Swedish prime minister, one of the hostages expressed the sentiment: “The robbers are protecting us from the police.”

Even after the end of the incident, when the hostages were free, and their captors in jail, the hostages did not hate the robbers. Far from it. They were grateful to the robbers, for not killing them, and, the most vociferous advocate for the hostage takers during the event, was said to have formed a romantic attachment to Olsson

One of the women became engaged to one of the captors, another of the hostage started a 'defense fund'. All this was done in the face of the fact that the hostages were bound with dynamite and generally mistreated!

See details and photos: 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Patty Hearst as a SLA memberSimilar attitude has been observed in multiple other hostage-taking situations, including ancient times, and the Stockholm case is only a very prominent one and the first to attract public attention. At such cases captives displayed a strange association with their captors, while fearing those who sought to end their captivity. In some cases hostages later testified on behalf of or raised money for the legal defense of their captors!

Another impressive case took place in Berkeley, California in 1974, when Patty Hearst, 19-year-old granddaughter of a newspaper tycoon was kidnapped and tortured by terrorists of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). In the caption she took up arms and joined her captors' cause, and, later, assisted them in a banks robbery.

Two of a Kind movie
vintage poster Psychologists view this phenomenon just as a syndrome and explain it with a mental aberration caused by an obsessive identification with the captors as a survival strategy of trying to keep captor happy. But in point of fact, it is only an extreme and publicly known exhibition of general female sympathies for criminals.

Nevertheless, it's very hard to imagine how one can sympathize with persons whose malignant nature is so obvious. Perhaps, it is possible when you realize that you are alike. And, really, don't women behave as tormentors and extortionists?

The Black Sunday movie
vintage poster Jean Dominique Ingres
Fragment At that we should keep in mind that every woman is a virtual lifelong captive of her own physiology! And the criminals ease women by making surrounding people suffer too, providing women with defense from their imaginary menaces, desired material wealth, and respect of lower people.

Rescue of captive women in the arts
Perseus and Andromeda Tintoretto
St. George & the Dragon Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
Roger Rescuing Angelica Sir Frank Bernard Dicksee
Chivalry Sir John Everett Millais 
The Knight Errant

In general women are like criminals as far as they have so little and crave for so much. Thus, they sympathize with suchlike fellows.

Finally, bad culpable fellows suit female need to blame their own problems on somebody, to exploit somebody on the pretext of repaying guilt, and also to feel superior. In addition, such men have certain reasons to experience fear like women do. On the other hand, honest, clever, cheerful men do not suit these needs of women and therefore the latter escape them. Women don't appreciate men's positive qualities as these hinder women to fake kindness, which is difficult for them without that.

You may think that sexual mis-selection realized by women is not so fatal and men's (proper) selection balances it.

I suppose that just sexual mis-selection and resultant gradual degeneration is just what became of every great nation of the past.

Mute Bystanders Of Degeneration
Ruins of the Parthenon, Athens Egyptian pyramids in Giza Idols of Easter island
at sunset

Caricature of
Charles Darwin Moreover, I'm convinced that the common sense did not mislead Charles Darwin's opponents who refused his idea of our origin from apes.

Without doubt, human species are a result of the evolution, and apes and Co are our biological relatives. But all these could not be our ancestors. Conversely, all things considered they are results of degeneration of human being caused by sexual mis-selection. So, apes are much less intelligent, much more aggressive and emotional, and not very pretty. Also male apes are hypersexual and polygamous. Female delight, in shorts words.

A chimpanzee
deep in thought Chimpanzee typingFirst introduced into Europe, apes were called "parodies of people", and up to this time the word 'ape" or "monkey" still stays one of the most offensive insult for a man.

There are some surprising features of apes which compel to think them to originate from humans. The most prominent features of this sort is apes' latent power of speech. Apes have been found to be able to acquire human sign language and to express with it astonishingly human-like thoughts. For the further information see following resources:

Sculpture of a Neandertal boy 
from Teshik Tash cave
reconstructed from the skeleton Steps of evolution Furthermore, I think it is only illusion that the Neanderthals, Cinanthrops, Pithecanthropus's and other fossil forms of human as well as the apes present no stages of human evolution, but forms of the degeneration of true human who is accordingly much older than they all.

Owing to the gradual progress of the technology, the pressure of the wild environment became increasingly weak, and therefore the degree of the degeneration became increasingly low. As a result we have the illusion of progressive development of humanity.

In the wild nature there is no force able to make human being from an ape. Conversely, there is at least one force able to perform the opposite metamorphosis. It is the female hormonal disturbance which compels women to conduct the sexual mis-selection.

And this is all the
Anatomy Of Female Psyche.

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