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Anatomy Of Female Psyche

Part 2. What Does It Mean To Be a Woman?
(Common Female Hormonal Disturbance)

So, we have found regular women's forms to be underdeveloped and not to fit the natural the ideal of female body that suggests wider hips and fuller breasts. This testifies certain lack of estrogens in the women as compared with the hypothetic norm. In view of the same fact we can also state lack of other steroid hormones in them, namely androgens (the main testosterone) and corticoids (the main cortisol and aldosterone).

Shaver for womenReally, low level of estrogens ought to put women in the danger of virilization (growth of male sex characteristics, such as face and leg hair) in addition to the immaturity, owing to androgenic (virilizing) properties of the corticoids and androgens. But since only insignificant virilization takes place, we can conclude that levels of the latter hormones in women are evidently decreased too.

As a whole, all the mentioned hormones, including estrogens, perform very important functions in human body, namely they

stimulate protein synthesis,
increase libido (sex drive),
control stress response, which includes
  • increasing level of glucose in blood at stress
  • increasing water retention in organism at stress

Clear evidences of lack of these hormonal functions can be easily found among regular women's typical qualities speciously accepted as integral parts of female psychology and general femininity because of their common character.

So, women are too emotional, irritable, fretful and fussy. They dislike criticism and virtually demand the flattery and admiration. They take offence at innocent words and acts, and hurt men in revenge.

Also they escape any difficult situations and when it is impossible they fail the simplest unusual tasks.

On the other hand, we men are too unemotional, and callous from their point of view. But as to me the ability to control one's own emotions, and to give an intelligent response to a stress is one of main features that differ us from animals.

In short words, they have problems with controlling stress response.

The inability to cope with a stress impedes the accumulation of the real skill and knowledge and so leaves the ground for future problems in similar situations. Also dislike of criticism hiders the forming of truly respectable personal qualities.

Take a look at shelves in a bookstore, and notice a lot of psychological books on how to behave, how to treat and so on. All these books are intended mostly for women. Also pointless soap operas so much loved by women give them possibility to experience other people's life instead of their own ones.

Magic Circle That's why women are so superstitious, believe in and rely on destiny, fortunes, horoscopes, presage, omens, palmistry, clairvoyance, divination, magic, talismans, amulets, charms, spells, extrasensory abilities etc. Formerly I wondered who did really need all that empty stuff until I discovered distinct interest in it form women's side. Evidently, women's increased sensitiveness, or, in other words, decreased mental stability underlies this interest.

Josephine Wall
Astral Voyage Concerning the horoscopes, astrology and zodiac we should also acknowledge that celestial bodies (the Moon first of all) do wield some power over women female physiology somehow as far as female physiology submits to lunar rhythms.

Luis Ricardo Falero
The Balance of Zodiac Just the menstrual hormonal swings apparently determine the stated general deficiency of estrogens and, as a result, other steroid hormones in women who, probably, sense their connection to the celestial bodies. However, this connection is quite physical, "earthly".

Plausibly, the basic cause of women's problems in stress consists in the lack of blood volume caused by lack of water retention in stress moments. It's well-known that the additional volume of blood comes into the circulation from the blood reservoirs (the spleen first of all) during stress, but the lack of water retention brings the blood mobilization to nothing.

In this way a heart has to increase its work up to the pain in order to provide the tissues with the needed extra quantities of oxygen and nutrients while stress.

Susanna Hoffs
(the Bangles)
in a live comcertWe men usually ignore the expressions of female feeling, which we don't share, but they cry about their heart problems everywhere. In particular, there are a lot of female songs with words like can you feel the pain of my heart or my heart goes boom and so on. Here is the refrain of the Eternal Flame originally performed by the Bangles (1989):

Close your eyes, give me your hand
do you feel my heart beating, do you understand
do you feel the same, am I only dreaming
is this burning an eternal flame ...

So, do you understand?!

No, it is not that sweet heart excitement we experience while in love! No, it is about some pain, you can check the full text of the Eternal Flame as well as many other female songs!

Thus, a woman's heart appears to be really like a stone as far as it is inert and burdensome.

Edward Robert Hughes
Heart of Snow

Frederick Lord Leighton
Winding the SkeinAerobicsIncidentally, the need for limb movements explains why so often women cannot stay quiet and prefer some easy routine and often unnecessary physical activity such as housework, handicrafts, dances, exercises, rites, gesture etc. to a rest, as though itching. Their hearts do itch in fact!

Return of Odyssey
Picture on a Greek vase The concerns for the tasty meals, purity of the rooms, general comfort of the home, good state of the dress, new fine dress, slim figure, fitness, etc. motivate such activities only in a part. Very often women overdo, astounding us with teir patience, which is pleasure in point of fact. At the same time, women display surprisingly emotional attitude towards such occupations

Female handicrafts through the ages
Weaving women
Picture on a Greek vase Medieval household Marianne Stokes
St Elizabeth of Hungary Spinning for the Poor John William Waterhouse
La Fileuse
(The Spinner) Bouguereaue
Knitting Girl

In this way women are unable to enjoy themselves. They only can enjoy other people suffering too. So, the stony-hearted women try to force their close people perform some unnecessary labor too, on varied made-up pretexts.

Vintage candies ad Furthermore, women are confirmed sweet teeth. I wonder every time when I see a plenty of the confectionery in a supermarket, and all this is made to please mostly women. In view of this fact, we can state some lack of glucose in women that tells on brain activity at stress first of all. Glucose is good for learning and memory!

We take usually this addiction of women as a love for a simple innocent pleasure, but now it appears to be a symptom of the disturbance.

Thinking their addiction to be normal, women train also their children to love sweet foods, and we believe that kids relish candies in fact, but then we wonder at overweight and diabetes!

I think when children take candies they consume their mammas' scant love as a matter of fact.

A gentelman's kit Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Dance at Bougival Pierre-Auguste Renoir
A Dance in the City The awareness of women's stress problems distinguished above clears up also why alcohol, sweets and dances are the traditional components of romantic dates. Those things help women to cope with the stress want any romantic date presents. So, alcohol widens blood vessels and decreases resistance to pumping blood in this way, which unloads the heart; movements of limbs at dancing assist heart to pump the blood; and sweets compensate lack of glucose in blood.

Claude Michel Clodion
Satyr and Bacchante And one more observation, all things considered we must thank women for the killer #1 cardio-vascular diseases as well as for alcoholism. In the both cases we have the results of women's psychological impact. Being subject to continual distresses, the stony-hearted women enjoy seeing men experiencing similar heart problems, and do their best to get such a sight. However, men also have to solve the real every-day problems, which women only multiply. As a result, men can ease their hearts almost only with the alcohol. This substance widens the blood vessels and, so it lessens the circulation resistance a heart has to overcome. In exchange tissues do not receive proper nourishment, and are poisoned by alcohol.

The Time Machine movie
vintage poster (German version)
Women's favorite position
Now let's consider the regular women's sexuality. Contrary to men's common wishful thinking, women display no genuine libido. They only play so when consider that necessary, but when frank, they incriminate us our sexuality, and condemn sex itself as something low, while the natural purpose of sex consists just in uniting a man and a woman.

In fact, if they do obtain real satisfaction from the sex, so how can they pester men with their weird whims and rebukes, misgiving not a bit about darkening the source of their delight? I don't touch upon prostitution, pornography, cyber-sex, sexual harassment and other similar things impossible in case women really enjoy sex.>

I have heard about women with high libido. Needless to say, such stories impress men very much, and nourish their nave faith, which vamping women just want. I am afraid, such women use some stimulators. But in any event, women don't appreciate the sexual pleasure itself. They use sex only as a decoy while some other aims are really important for them.

Plausibly, the same lack of water retention to determine partly problems with libido in women — female erection like male one takes some volume of blood and, accordingly, it requires additional water retention and heart efforts so far.

Greeks and Amazons
Hellenistic freize from Thessaloniki Furthermore, women are known to be physically weak, which must be caused by the deficient protein synthesis in them.

The possibility of more physical strength as well as more mental stability for female sex is confirmed with the existence of the Amazons, the ancient female warriors.

The modern policewomen in the civil societies, and female soldiers at the age of thechnological war, are out of our consideration.

The present-day women's arms
Just the low protein synthesis is to blame for the too quick fading of female beauty as well as general female health with aging. Women usually improve their appearance with artificial remedies. Remember the great expense that women go to in order to maintain their outward attractiveness by means of artificial remedies and methods. They care mostly their skin and hair while internal tissues keep fading.

By the way I think that women like to use the perfumes so much as these subdue bad odor of their ill bodies.

animation Incidentally, according to the common notion dating back from the Antiquity, and nourished by modern feminists, Amazons were physically strong misandrist women able to stand up for themselves, and to train the coarse men to the respect for women.

The regular women regret their own physical weakness and inability to revenge men's disrespect. They like to think that men treat women with disrespect because men are endowed with physical strength.

But now we see that the roots of women's problems are in the hormonal disturbance. And the ability to fight successfully as warriors do suggests the ability to cope with stress. It means that being warriors, women would not see any disrespect in men's friendly reproofs.

However, paradoxically, having got so much desired physical strength women, oops, would choose beds as the battleground to grapple with men upon. Testosterone that secures physical strength induces also both male and female libido so far. And the Amazons known from Greek myths and legends were seemingly just such.

So, Famous Ancient Greek writer Plutarch adduces the following report by Bion, another Greek writer, in the passage on the Amazons, concerning how legendary Greek hero Theseus had got Antiope, the Cappadocian Amazon who he married later (trans by A. H. Clough):

Bion adds, that, to take her, he had to use deceit and fly away; for the Amazons, he says, being naturally   lovers of men , were so far from avoiding Theseus when he touched upon their coasts, that they sent him presents to his ship; but he, having invited Antiope, who brought them, to come aboard, immediately set sail and carried her away...

The inability to cope with their own elementary problems along with the lack of sex drive, and the want to see men suffering alike women themselves, seemingly compels them to believe that men ought to venerate them and fulfill all their wishes on the account of women's bodily charm. Probably, women suppose that that is the Nature's plan about men and women.

However, women's bodily attraction turns out to be sham and fake. And women's inability to cope with stress as well as decreased sex dive in them, the deficiency of their physiques comes from the same cause — common female hormonal disturbance.

All those noteworthy features of the Amazon were possible ought to comsumption of licorice — the herb of exceptional importance for female heath. And here i have to admit that I found almost all the symptoms of common female hormonal disturbance described above beginning from pharmaceutical properties of licorice. Having read of prominent anti-stress action this herb I assumed that it is just what women lack. Then, knowing its other actions, I attempted to find a disease in women for it to relieve.

The effects of licorice on female body and psyche come in few minutes, and are explicit and excellent. So, I highly recommend you this almost food herb. However, remember that the dose must be moderated and reduced at ovulatory phase of menstrual period (and finally at full moon). See information on licorice at website.

I succeeded in that as you see. Licorice matches women's common condition like a key does its lock. It contains much estrogens, simulates production of corticoids, and inhibits conversion of testosterone. Thanks to that it is a recognized aphrodisiac. Besides, it retain water in human body, and therefore it was used for thirst-quenching by Scythian Amazons who lived in arid Eurasian steppes . Finally it tastes sweet, and does contain sugars at that.

Order licorice just now WebVitamins/More brands for less!

At last one more physiological property of the steroid hormones, and one more the present women's common feature wrongly believed to be normal.

All the steroid hormones, namely estrogens, androgens, corticoids and also gestagens (the main — progesterone) act as contraceptives! Moreover, they can stop the periods that set in some specific and improper biological state of permanent fertility, the state of

Cinderella Waiting For Stork


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